Fernanda Samaia

Fernanda Samaia is the founder and CEO of Labels of Freedom. She has a vision of transforming the world of business through a new and unique perspective that merges fashion, business, and psychology to positively impact and empower woman in America and around the world. She graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Women’s Studies. Before starting her own business, Fernanda worked at a non-profit organization where she was responsible for aiding female entrepreneurs in developing their businesses. Besides serving as the brand’s CEO, Fernanda is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. In addition to being passionate about business and the world of fashion, Fernanda has an unshakable faith in God and His creations. Through experiencing a life of fulfilled dreams, Fernanda inspires others to dream big and to become the best version of themselves.

Andrea Figueiredo

Andrea Figueiredo has been with Labels of Freedom since the very beginning. She sets key financial strategies and makes sure that all company goals are being met. Andrea has a background in investment banking. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and furthered her education by specializing in financial reporting and analysis. More than an analyst, Andrea is a mentor capable of nurturing potential by training and influencing top-ranking professionals. Her opinion is highly sought after and her judgment is trusted and respected.

Mariana Fett

Mariana Fett is the creative mind of Labels of Freedom. She plays a key role in developing marketing content that aligns with the company’s vision. Mariana has a breadth of experience in the fashion industry. She has worked for top brands such as Zara and Top Shop. She also received a Bachelor’s degree in Advertisement and Marketing. Mariana’s creativity and contagious joy inspire everyone around her. She is adept at building unique connections and fosters an amazing work environment. Her uniqueness and unparalleled work ethic encourage others to believe that anything is possible.


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At Labels of Freedom we want to impact teenagers and young women by encouraging them to see their true value and live authentically. Being more than just a fashion retailer, we understand that women’s true beauty and inner strength go far beyond their physical appearance. This is why our goal is to encourage women to live up to their full potential and have faith in themselves. We understand that our customers are looking for a boost of confidence, and we want to help them make their decisions coming from a place of strength.


Our mission is to inspire and encourage women to find their unique identities and to provide them with versatile fashion pieces and creative styling ideas that allow them to express their inner beauty through their personal style More than an online store, Labels of Freedom is a fashion destination – we offer an end to rigid labels and a door into a world of limitless possibilities.